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Priya Rai

Porn Stars: Priya Rai, Jordan Ash
King Dong episode: Hard to Handle
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Priya Rai videosPriya Rai videosPriya Rai videos
Priya Rai videos

Jordan Ash goes to the AVN to see if he can get himself a porn star. As he roams around he spots the smoking hot Priya Rai and goes for it. She’s not paying him much mind until she finds out he has a huge cock. This is too much for Priya Anjali Rai to resist so she plans to meet with him in her room. In the room she shows of how flexible she is as she rides his giant dong until shes had her fill.

Dylan Ryder

Porn Stars: Dylan Ryder, Voodoo
King Dong episode: The Long Ryder
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Dylan Ryder videos

Dylan Ryder is going to do an interview with a polygamist who has four wives. She’s shocked to see how he assigns chores to each one. Dylan Ryder wants to know if they ever get jealous and how he manages to keep them satisfied. The prophet, as he calls himself, says they are well taken care of and are completely satisfied. Dylan Ryder wants to know the secret and the prophet is more than willing to show off his secret.

Francesca Le

Porn Stars: Francesca Le, Ramon aka. “Magic Man”
King Dong episode: The Bigger The Better
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Francesca Le videosFrancesca Le videosFrancesca Le videosFrancesca Le videos
Francesca Le videos

Busty Francesca Lee is trying to close the deal on a house she has been showing her client Ramon. Francesca Le is having difficulty since he has been seeing other realtors with better deals. Francesca Le is going to have to offer him something else that no other realtor can give him. Francesca Le reaches into her bag of tricks by sucking and fucking him hard. Then the closer to the deal comes in the form of her luscious ass….