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Jessica Lynn

Porn Stars: Jessica Lynn
King Dong episode: Double Dongs
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Jessica Lynn videos

While talking with her friend, Jessica Lynn says she is stressed and needs to relax. Her friend suggests she get a four handed massage by the guys she always gets them from. Shes told to make sure to ask for the Special. After giving her an oil soaked rub down, the two guys let her have the Special. She gets to play with two big rock hard cocks and loves every moment of it.

Sara Jay

Porn Stars: Sara Jay
King Dong episode: The Long Schlong
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Sara Jay videos

Sara Jay was extremely upset when the room service guy got her the wrong champagne so she threatened to call his manager. He pleaded with Sara Jay not to call stating that it would be the third complaint in a month. Sara Jay demanded to know why and soon found out that some of the other lady hotel guests could not handle his mega cock. Sara Jay was up to the challenge so she sucked and fucked the schlong like a true pro….

Kylie Reese

Porn Stars: Kylie Reese
King Dong episode: Lick The Stick
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Kylie Reese videos

Kylie Reese had no idea that a peeping tom was hiding in the bushes of her sorority house until she noticed some bushes shaking rapidly. It was the neighborhood pervert beating his meat to the sight of her perfect figure. Kylie Reese quickly grabbed a shovel and confronted the perv threatening to call the cops. The perv tried to plea his case but ultimately it was his huge cock in her extra tight pussy that got him a get
out of jail free card….

Carmel Moore

Porn Stars: Carmel Moore, Voodoo
King Dong episode: King Dong Meets Girl
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Carmel Moore videos

Carmel Moore went to see Dr. Voodoo to find a cure for her big cock obsession. Everything Carmel Moore looked at morphed into a massive cock. Her boyfriend who was packing 4 inches could not do much to remedy her thirst so she was on the brink of insanity. Voodoo offered a solution to her problem. He told Carmel Moore that the only way to get over her obsession was to indulge in it. Then he proceeded to whip out his man meat and before he could get fully undressed busty Carmel Moore was all over it sucking and riding it nonstop….

Tanya James

Porn Stars: Tanya James, Vooooodooo aka. “The Salami Dealer” (Voodoo)
King Dong episode: Lucky Flow
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Tanya James videos

When it rains is pours… and poor Tanya James’ man, had to find that out FIRST HAND! 😛 hahahah, he bet with his balls, instead of his head, and instead of gettin to fuck his sexy girl, he had to watch this crazy guido Voodoo take it to her face!!! Not only to add insult to injury, vooodoos dong is GI-Nourmous! and nearly split Tanya James in half! well, it wasnt all bad, Tanya James got off like 3 times, and left her man 2 weeks later! 🙂 hahahah…