Tanya James

Porn Stars: Tanya James, Vooooodooo aka. “The Salami Dealer” (Voodoo)
King Dong episode: Lucky Flow
Hardcore porn videos

Tanya James videosTanya James videosTanya James videosTanya James videos
Tanya James videos

When it rains is pours… and poor Tanya James’ man, had to find that out FIRST HAND! 😛 hahahah, he bet with his balls, instead of his head, and instead of gettin to fuck his sexy girl, he had to watch this crazy guido Voodoo take it to her face!!! Not only to add insult to injury, vooodoos dong is GI-Nourmous! and nearly split Tanya James in half! well, it wasnt all bad, Tanya James got off like 3 times, and left her man 2 weeks later! 🙂 hahahah…

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